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We are mountain people

Committed to tradition

Hermann Heel senior (*1897) as a mountain guide on the Sonnenkogel. This picture was probably taken around 1930. The ice pick is still displayed in the glass case at reception.

Touring specialist

The boss himself is a trained hiking guide and is available with the best hiking and tour tips. Find out about guided hikes.

Get social

On our berg.menschen hiking blog you can find out everything about current tours and events in the Lech Valley Nature Park and of course our hiking hotel.

The history of our house

In the 12th century the Surname “Heel” appears for the first time. In Antwerp, Belgium, the name “van Heel” was already in use back then. Around 1500 the name is relatively common in the Augsburg area. It can be assumed that our ancestors were active in the then global trading dynasty of the Fugger. The Heel’s family coat of arms, which can be traced back to the lower nobility of barons, also dates from this period.

It was recorded in the coat of arms of the city of Augsburg in 1552. At end of the 17th century brisk silver mining was carried out in the Lech Valley, which the Fuggers controlled throughout Europe. A certain Adrian Heel was probably responsible for the accurate accounting of ore deliveries to Augsburg at the time. The first walls of today’s “Grüner Baum” (main building) were built at this time. 

Over the next 10 generations the Grüner Baum was run by the Heel family, partly as a farm, as a bakery, and since 1929 as a guest house. The current owners established the house as a hotel. Refreshingly different, a house with trend and tradition.

The Heel family introduce themselves


Landlord and certified hiking and mountaineering guide. Likes to roam through the Lechtal mountains with his guests in both summer and winter. Also out and about in the kitchen, but then without hiking boots.


Landlady and big boss in the Grüner Baum. She pulls the strings and can often be found in the restaurant looking after our guests.


Trained hotel clerk and restaurant manager. You can find her during breakfast and occasionally at lunchtime in the restaurant and garden area. Also shows great imagination in creating the daily morning mail.


Junior and excellent chef – he penned the new kitchen line *Tradition meets trend* and the diverse game specialties. The sporty mountain e-biker in the family