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Our favorite tours

The Jochweg, an almost forgotten beautiful hike off the beaten track. It leads us comfortably, always along the Lech, in about 4 leisurely hours from Steeg to Bach.

This is probably the king of the hiking trails options in Bach. It starts at the mountain station of the Jöchelspitzbahn and leads via the Heumuseum to the summit of Jöchelspitze at 2300 meters, further along the Rothorn to the Mutekopf and then down to the Bernhardseckhütte. Via the Alpenrosensteig back to the cable car. The panorama trail is a high alpine climb that requires experience and fitness. Technically, however, it can (almost) be mastered by anyone.

The way of the senses | Hölltal

A route that includes everything that makes hiking an experience, narrow paths, deep gorges, cozy places to rest, sections where it is absolutely quiet and the way back over a centuries-old mule track on which iron ore was transported in the 13th century. Past old wooden houses that were probably already able to experience the founding of the County of Tyrol.

The Alpenrosensteig starts at the mountain station of the Jöchelspitzbahn and takes us along the botanical nature trail to the Bernhardseckhütte and via the Hofalm back to Bach. Although it is in alpine terrain, it has hardly any significant inclines and can be easily mastered with a little practice.

 (Nicole whines-route)
It gets easier again on the *Nicole Jammer Weg*, which you won’t find on any map. It leads us slightly up and down, around the village of Bach. You walk through the valley partly on wide forest roads, partly on quiet forest paths. The church tower of Bach always as a guide. Incidentally, this circular route was named after a dear friend of ours. On the day, Nicole was not in the mood for hiking and complained the entire time to her husband Rudi and our guide, hence the name.