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Winter Hiking

Winter walks, piste taxi and horse-drawn sleigh rides

Many hiking trails criss-cross the valley bottom and are cleared in the winter. In the beautiful side-valleys of the Lechtal you can also enjoy nice winter walks. Huts and mountain inns are open in the winter and await you with mulled wine and tea with rum. Bernhardseckhütte (1900m) is also accessible by foot or taxi in the winter. Another romatic way to explore the valley is by enjoying a horse-drawn sleigh ride, a fantastic experience for the whole family.

Hiking is healthy and keeps you fit

Especially at altitudes of 1,000m to 2,000m

... exercise is particularly boosting and strengthening for the cardiovascular system. Walking uphill trains organ systems and the muscles and joints. Hiking is also good for the bones, osteoporosis and early degeneration of the joints can be prevented. The altitude air supports the immune system and allergy sufferers find relief in the almost pollen-free air. Peace, nature experience and exercise improve the physical well-being and the quality of sleep improves. A stay in high altitudes is a full-body training which has effects on every single cell of the body. The body creates more red blood cells and this improves oxygen transport.



Safely en tour with the WanderTeamTirol team. We and our partners offer hikes on different themes, adjusted to the season and subject to availability weekly. We are looking forward to showing you our homeland.