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Sauna, Stone Pine Seam Bath & Co

In the Oberdorf you find a Finnish sauna (80°C), a Stone Pine Steam Bath (45°C /100% humidity), the crystal shower, a rain shower as well as changing facilities. Salzstadel offers a new relaxation experience. Simply close your eyes and savor the aromatic taste of ancient salt - the salty air penetrates deep into the bronchi and lungs and is deposited there like a fine film.

Bergdorf Vital world
on 2 floors
Here, too, we make sure to stay true to our motto "Trend & Tradition". Traditional construction techniques already used by our fathers paired with the most modern technology.

The Bergwerk (mine) has a sanarium (60°C/45% humidity), Adlerhorst (eagle's nest) with a waterbed and an infrared lamp, as well as a crevasse with a real ice fall. The entire Bergdorf is covered by a surround sound system that reflects an entire summer’s day. Experience the chirping of birds, the gargling of a mountain stream and much more.

In the Unterdorf a second relaxation room with heated Lavastone-walls and comfortable basket loungers can be found, complete with headphones for individual music enjoyment. Furthermore, you can find a Luis Trenker infrared cabin (45°C infrared heat radiation) there.