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Sauna, stone pine steam bath & co

Bergdorf Vital Welt
on two floors
There too, you can experience our motto: trend and tradition. Traditional is the architecture, which dates back to our ancestors, and it has been combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Bergdorf Vital Welt Spa Area

NEW - relaxation and recreation on two levels

In the “Bergwerk” (mine) is a sanarium (60°/ 45% humidity), an eagles’ nest with red light therapy light and a crevasse with a real ice fall. There is surround sound of a summers’ day in the mountains in all of the Bergdorf spa area. Experience chirping of birds, the rustling of a mountain brook and a lot more.

In the "Unterdorf" is our new resting room with lava heat walls and homey wicker deck chairs with headphones for individual music pleasures and a Luis Trenker infrared cabin (40° infrared warmth).

In the "Oberdorf" is a Finnish sauna (80°), a stone pine steam bath (45° / 100% humidity), a trough for shale oil baths, a rainfall shower and changing areas.