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...uphill, downhill, pathless. Succumb to the fascination of a freshly snow-covered winter forest. Cross glittering snowfields, trudge along the banks of the stream. Immerse yourself under snow-covered branches. Remain still together, watch wild animals, continue hiking - find your own way...



and winter hiking
Walking instead of rushing - time to look, to chat and to enjoy the enchanting mountain landscape. However there must still be enough time to stop in one of the rustic huts next to the path. We would be happy to hike the mountains with you from alpine pasture to alpine pasture or experience a friendly *Servus* at the summit.

Snowshoe hiking

You may already know this from home movies. Sepp, the farmhand trudges through the snow-covered landscape, the snow crunches under his shoes, his breath forms little white clouds. At the far end of the valley, the remote farm lies picturesquely in the sun ... Finally arrived, he falls into Zenzi's arms. (Apparently there is no sin on the Alm) We can provide you with the setting, but you have to play Sepp and Zenzi yourself.


...pathless yet safe - a special, unique hiking experience with many interesting tours...



A safe way to experience winter holidays!

The whole day spent in the crystal clear mountain air, keeping the necessary distance, in a hotel that takes the *virus* and its consequences very seriously - and still experiences a lot of freedom and fun with our tour guides!