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and winter hiking
Walking rather than rushing – time for looking around, for chatting, for enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape. There must be enough time left for enjoying a break in the quaint hut next to the trail. We are happy to accompany you from pasture to pasture or experience together with you a “Berg Heil” on a summit.


You have probably seen this in a regional film: Sepp, a farm hand, trudges through a deeply snow-covered landscape, the snow cracks under his shoes, his breath forms little white clouds. At the end of the valley a farm lies picturesquely in the sun. Eventually there, he flings his arms around the neck of Zenzi. We can offer at least the backdrop, the roles of Sepp and Zenzi must be enacted by yourself.


Hiking Programme


WanderTeamTirol & Partners

The hiking programme is offered by our WanderTeamTirol – it costs €50 per person and week incl. equipment and tour guides. Please note: These are suggestions taken from our extensive tour programme.

Snowshoeing programme


Safely en tour with the WanderTeamTirol team. We and our partners offer hikes on different themes, adjusted to the season and subject to availability weekly. We are looking forward to showing you our homeland.