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Hiking in our Hotel

In our hotel it is all about *hiking*. We would like to be your point of contact for varied and relaxing holidays in the mountains. We accompany you with creative hiking ideas and guided hikes to the most beautiful regions of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park and convince with attractive feel-good offers and delicious cuisine working with regional produce. We aim at making your hiking holidays an unforgettable experience, the recreational value of which goes beyond the one of regular holidays. 

Hiking in the Hotel

Your hiking specialist

From relaxing cultural walks to a visit of one of the many pasture huts. More demanding alpine hikes are also on the programme. We especially like showing you hidden, beautiful spots of the Lechtal mountains off the beaten tracks. It is not the athletic performance that counts, but what hiking can do for you – fitness, relaxation, nature experience, enjoying exercise.

Hiking Arena

The hotel in the heart of the hiking arena

Some basic facts:

There are 30 serviced huts in the Lechtal and at the Arlberg, which can be reached with 2-3 hour-long walks and cover a maximum altitude gain of approx. 500m. There are 20 Alpine Club huts, which can be reached within 4-5 hours (altitude gain 800 – 1000m). The region boasts 300 kilometres of marked mountain trails / 120 kilometres of marked hiking trails are down in the valley. Stages of the famous Eagle Walk and the new Lechtal long-distance hiking trail from Lech am Arlberg to Füssen in the Allgäu are also in this area.


You can expect:

A valley of superlatives when it comes to hiking – a nature park, where the world is still unspoilt – a hotel in the centre of the hiking arena – free hiking buses and lifts – tour guides, who know the area well >> welcome to the GRÜNER BAUM hotel, welcome to the Lechtal’s only hiking hotel.



berg.menschen & Partner – exclusive for the Grüner Baum hiking hotel

The team is responsible for “hiking” in the Grüner Baum hotel. Themed hikes, lectures, material testing, snowshoeing in the winter and a lot more.


With your WTT-Card you enjoy also other advantages: discounts at our partner businesses’ for shopping, newsletter listing all important dates and offers, free hiking buses and lift rides in the summer – 1 Euro admission at all our outdoor swimming centres…


Your safety is our concern

We are a member of the Tyrol’s biggest air emergency business, the OEAMTC. This way fast and professional help from the air can be mostly guaranteed. Once notified an emergency helicopter with a paramedic is usually at the scene of the accident within a few minutes (Check your personal cover with your insurance!).

Mountain Sports Guide

Offered by many (hotels) – but only few are allowed to do so …

Loden trousers and chequered shirts, nailed boots and hemp rope are no longer the typical gear of mountain guides. Mountain guides used to be nature boys familiar with the area, who showed the surroundings of their valley to well-off city dwellers. Nowadays a mountain guide must meet varied requirements and usually works all over the world. A sound training in alpine mountain sports, risk management, lifelong learning, many privately gained additional qualifications including management competence, coaching and pedagogy mark the profession today. In the world of today a mountain guide must also know about ecological interrelations, since they are the most important introducers to responsible acting in an unspoilt landscape. It is still the work of a mountain guide to lead and train. Competent guiding in all landscapes enables guests to enjoy longed for experiences of success.

Hiking and Health

Hiking boots your immune system

If you take deep breaths of mountain or forest air your immune system is automatically boosted. You will be less prone to diseases. Especially cold viruses will avoid your fit body. Important is that you pursue the sport on a regular basis – not only in good hiking weather, but in any weather and any season.


The lungs are filled with fresh air during hiking

Plenty of fresh air enters your lungs and has a positive effect on them. You will be provided with plenty of oxygen and this is good for your other organs too.

Heart and circulation are also boosted. Hiking is perfect for getting your heart in shape without massive risk. Thanks to the regular and continuous movement, your heart beats regularly and increases its performance. The entire cardiovascular system gets more oxygen. Your heart beat slows down and thanks to the high levels of oxygen in the blood, it can flow easier through your arteries. Blood clots are rarer.


Hiking combats extra weight

If you think that hiking is no “real” sport and cannot help you with your diet, then you are wrong! Studies show that the body burns even more calories when hiking than with some other fitness sports.


Cholesterol is brought to its knees by mountaineering

If you exercise regularly your cholesterol levels will decrease permanently. Experts say that especially walking uphill reduces “bad” cholesterol (LDL- low density lipoprotein) and increases “good cholesterol” (HDL – high density lipoprotein).


Hiking balances blood pressure

Walking at a relaxed pace through nature is good for persons with low and high blood pressure. Gentle endurance training helps to balance the blood pressure.


Hiking boosts the metabolism

Good that your rucksack is filled with snacks! Climbing mountains makes hungry! Not surprising: Hiking boosts the metabolism, so more calories are burnt. On top of it it burns plenty of fat, so you will really get in shape.


Hiking strengthens joints and muscles

Hiking strengthens joints and muscles? – Yes of course, but one thing must be mentioned: It is especially the muscles in the legs and the backside that have plenty to do. Back in your everyday life things will run smoother too.


If you hike, you’ll get fit in your head.

Our brain also benefits from the fresh air. The oxygen levels of the blood increase and the ability to concentrate as well as our performance improve.


Hiking makes happy and combats stress

Last but not least, hiking improves our mood. Away from everyday problems, the noise of towns and stale office air, we will free like a bird. Our soul can recharge and stress levels decrease.

Mountain Sports Guide
Robert Heel
Your professional companion for your mountain tour. All mountain sports guides have passed a training based on international standards. I am happy to guide you during your most precious time of the year – your holidays in the mountains!