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With us, the topic of 'hiking' can be found in every nook and cranny. Let us become your choice when it comes to a relaxing mountain holiday. We assist you with creative hiking ideas and accompany you on group hikes through some of the most beautiful regions…

our philosophy - your advantage... the 'Tiroler Lech' Nature Park we impress with attractive feel-good offers and delicious cuisine using regional products. Our aim is to provide you with an unforgettable hiking vacation, the recreational value of which extends far beyond the holiday.

Hiking & the hotel

Your hiking specialist

From a leisurely cultural walk to a visit of one of the many alpine huts. Nevertheless, somewhat more demanding alpine hikes should not be missing either. We endeavor to show you the hidden beauties of the Lechtal mountains, away from the well-traveled paths. What counts is not what people achieve in terms of sport, but rather how people benefit from hiking - vitality, relaxation, experiencing nature, enjoying exercise and fitness.

Hiking arena

the hotel in the heart of the hiking arena

Firstly the bare numbers:

30 managed alpine pastures in the Lechtal and on the Arlberg, reachable within a walking time of 2-3 hours and a maximum altitude difference of about 500 m. 20 Alpine huts, reachable within 4-5 hours and an altitude difference of around 800 to 1000m. 300 kilometers of marked mountain hiking trails; 120 kilometers of marked hiking trails within the valley. Furthermore you will find the well-known Adlerweg as well as the new Lech Valley long-distance hiking trail (Lechweg) spanning 125km from Lech am Arlberg to Füssen in the Allgäu.



So you see:

A valley of superlatives when it comes to hiking - a nature park where the world is still in order - a hotel situated in the center of the hiking arena - free hiking buses and cablecars – knowledgeable tour guides - welcome to the Wanderhotel Grüner Baum, welcome to the Lech Valley's only hiking hotel.



berg.menschen & our partners - exclusively for Wanderhotel Grüner Baum

are responsible for everything related to hiking in the Grüner Baum. Themed walking tours, lectures, material tests, snowshoeing in winter, etc.


With your berg.menschen card you have additional advantages: Discounts when shopping with our partner companies, newsletters once you are back home including all important dates and offers, free hiking buses and cable car rides in summer, 1€ entry to our outdoor swimming pools ...


Your safety is our utmost concern

Tyrol has one of the best helicopter rescue systems in Europe. This generally guarantees quick and professional help from up above. Once the alarm has been raised, a helicopter carrying paramedics and an emergency doctor is dispatched and at the scene of the accident within a few minutes (important: assumption of costs depends on your personal insurance coverage).

Mountain guide

many (hotels) do it - few are actually allowed to...

Lederhosen and checkered shirt, studded shoes and a hemp rope are no longer the attributes of mountain guides. The local nature boy from the early days of mountaineering, who showed wealthy city dwellers the area around his valley, has today been transformed into a guide with a diverse profile of knowledge who travels around the world. Nowadays well-founded training in alpine mountain sports, risk management and lifelong training, additional to many privately acquired qualifications such as management skills, coaching and experiential education characterize the professional profile. The modern world also requires mountain guides to be familiar with ecological issues, as they have become one of the most important mediators of responsible behavior in the pristine landscape. Nevertheless, the main purpose of the mountain guide remains leading and training, a competent companion in all types of terrain who enables the guest to experience long-awaited results.

Hiking and Health

Strenghten the immune system by hiking

Subjecting your body to refreshing mountain or forest air will automatically strengthen your immune system. This makes you less susceptible to illness and particularly cold viruses will avoid your fit body. It is important, however, that you practice the sport regularly, during all weather conditions and seasons, not only in amicably weather.


The lungs are supplied with fresh air when hiking

The amount of fresh air that enter your body supplies your lungs with plenty of oxygen, which in turn benefits all other organs. Heart and circulation are brought up to speed. Hiking is ideal for improving your heart health without great risk. The uniform but steady movement lets the heartbeat become more regular and pump more blood into the circulation. The entire cardiovascular system is supplied with more oxygen. The heartbeat becomes calmer and the high amount of oxygen in the bloodstream ensures better flow through the arteries. Blood clots become less common.



Losing weight by hiking

Perhaps you thought that hiking is not a “real” sport and cannot support you with your diet plans, you are wrong! Studies have shown that the calorie consumption during hiking is even higher than with selected sports.


Cholesterol levels are brought to their knees when scaling mountains

With regular exercise, the cholesterol level is permanently lowered. According to experts, hiking up in particular should ensure that the “bad cholesterol” (LDL = low density protein) is broken down and the “good cholesterol” (HDL = high density protein) is built up.


Hiking levels out blood pressure

The gentle stroll through nature helps people with both high and low blood pressure. This moderate endurance training brings the blood pressure into balance.


Hiking boosts the metabolism

Luckily a snack is stowed in the backpack, because scaling mountains makes everyone hungry! Unsurprisingly, hiking stimulates the metabolism, which consequently uses up many calories. Additionally, a lot of fat is burned, which in turn benefits the physique.


Hiking strengthens joins and muscles

Hiking strengthens joints and muscles? – Naturally so, however it should still be mentioned here: leg and gluteal muscles in particular are in high demand while hiking. Then everything also runs more smoothly in everyday life.


Those who hike keep the mind active

Our brain also benefits from the fresh air. The oxygen concentration in the blood increases and ensures better performance.


Hiking is a good luck charm for the psyche & effective stress relief

Finally yet importantly, a hiking excursion inevitably improves our mood. Far away from everyday problems, the noise of the city and the stuffy air in the office, we feel free as a bird in nature. Also the soul recovers and we say goodbye to stress once and for all.

Better safe than sorry...
Due to the current Covid situation, no joint summer hikes are planned until futher notice. This is part of our Covid prevention concept, however we are happy to provide advice and assistance and reveal our personal secret places and the most beautiful hikes. Our guests benefit from decades of hiking expertise ...