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... we are mountain people – body and soul. Natural, easygoing, active...




who or what are berg.menschen

Brigitte - the boss of the hotel, who holds the reins in her hands. The young berg.menschen Jacky and Adrian in their roles as chef and restaurant manager as well as excellent pastry chef. Not to forget our berg.prinzessin Lara Sophia and berg.prinz Jakob who have already wrapped their berg.opa around their finger and are ready for all kinds of mischief. Last but not least Robert, the head of the gang and responsible for all mountain activities around our hotel ...

berg.menschen… authentic, approachable, active and sometimes a little stubborn


'Fergla Hermann'


Committed to tradition.

Hermann Heel senior (* 1897), commonly known as ‘Fergla Hermann’, as a mountain guide on the Sonnenkogel. The picture is likely to have been taken around 1930. The ice pick is still displayed in the glass show case at reception.


IMPORTANT - due to the current covid situation all guided hikes have been postponed until further notice

And what do they do?

We plan and organize mountain vacation in all their facets in summer as well as winter – be it a day or a whole week. Naturally, the focus is on the topic of hiking, however many types of mountain holidays must not be forgotten like mountain biking, paragliding or conquering the passes by motorbike or sport convertible.
And what else do they do? Correct, relax in our wonderful garden with a cold beverage in hand, as life in the mountains is tough enough as it is.

Robert, state-certified sports & mountain hiking guide, head of berg.menschen from the very beginning;
Brigitte, specialist when it comes to Lech Valley culture;
Hermann, a talent for languages (Dutch, French, German...) and a connoisseur of the Lech Valley;
Maria, state-certified sports and mountain hiking guide, herb and botany expert;
Son Adrian who manages everything in connection with e-bikes;
Charly, our snowman loves the white splendor and his snowshoes;