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Robert Heel

Host and certified hiking & mountain guide. Likes to roam the Lechtal mountains with his guests in the summer and the winter. If the worst comes to the worst he is also seen in the kitchen, without his hiking boots though.


Hobbies: hiking, motor biking.

Favourite spots: the Lechtal mountains and the island of Madeira.

Brigitte Heel

Hostess of the Grüne Baum. She pulls the strings behind the scenes and is to be found everywhere in the hotel. The reception is her regular place.


Hobbies: motor biking, handicrafts

Favourite spots: wherever there are thermal springs

Jacky Heel

Jacky manages our restaurants. She is a trained hotel manager. She has considerably contributed to our new “tradition & trend” line. Many of her ideas have already been implemented in the restaurant.


Hobbies: infected with the motorbike virus here and knits the new nature park hats

Favourite spots: Carribean beaches

Adrian Heel

Graduate of the Villa Blanka school and possibly the youngest chef de cuisine. He has created our new line “tradition meets trend”. Tyrolean with heart and soul.


Hobbies: technology toys and of course his yellow sportster

Favourite spots: the Tyrol and all alpine passes he can conquer with his roadster

Tamara Heel

Moved from Dublin to Zurich and works now with SWISS INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES. After 9 years in Dublin she’s eventually moved closer to her home.


Hobbies: cycling and travelling the world

Favourite spot: the Lechtal