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Aviation sport

in the heart of the valley

Aviation spot has a long tradition in the Grüner Baum. We were already there when hang gliders were called *Drachenflieger* and paragliders were simply aids to descend. Together with friends we founded the Delta Club Jöchelspitze as early as 1978 and ran it for more than 10 years. We were also significantly involved in the opening of one of the first flight schools in the Alpine region. Today we step aside and leave the flying sports to the younger generation.

Nevertheless, the Grüner Baum still offers some advantages: Benefit from our decades of experience, use our own landing area at the hotel, which is also suitable for hang gliders, store your aircraft safely and the flight school is only a few meters away.


Landing site


Please note:

We offer a large, private landing site near the hotel exclusively for our guests!