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Winter Hiking

Winter walks, piste taxi and sleigh rides

Many of the hiking trails are also cleared in winter and run throughout the valley. Furthermore, the beautiful side valleys of the Lech Valley invite you to take a winter walk. Alpine pastures and some mountain huts are open in winter and await guests with mulled wine and ‘Jägertee’. In winter, the Bernhardseckhütte (1900 m) can be reached by foot or by piste taxi. Another romantic way to explore the valley is a sleigh ride in a horse-drawn carriage, an experience for the whole family.

________________________ probably already know that from a Heimat film. Sepp the farmhand trudges through the snow-covered landscape, the snow crunches under his shoes, his breath forms little white clouds. Right at the end of the valley, the farm is picturesquely in the sun - when it finally arrives it falls around his neck and ... supposedly there is no sin on the alpine pasture! We can offer you the setting, but you have to play Sepp and Zenzi yourself.

Hiking is healthy and keeps you fit

Especially in the 'medium heights' between 1000 and 2000 meters

... exercise has a particularly stimulating and strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system. When winter hiking in the cold mountain air, almost all organs such as the heart, lungs, muscles and joints are trained. Peace, nature and exercise increase psychological wellbeing and the quality of sleep increases. A stay in high altitude is a whole-body workout that affects the body's cells, because the oxygen transport in the blood is improved by the increased formation of red blood cells.



Safe on the move with the berg.menschen. Together with our partners we offer themed hikes, depending on the season and availability. We look forward to showing you our home.